Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas – Book Discussion (SPOILERS)


I have recently decided to reread the Throne of Glass series ready for the release of Queen of Shadows on 1st September. It’s been a while since I read the first book and I couldn’t believe how much I had forgotten! I have just finished rereading the first book, but as I think many know what the book is about, I thought I would do a spoilery discussion on the books as I go through them again. Talking about new things I noticed second time around and particular scenes. So this review will contain spoilers for the series. I apologise in advance that this will probably be a rather long post!!

The first time I read Throne of Glass, I believe I rated it 5 stars. I remember being so caught up in how great the story and characters and writing was, that I was completely blind to anything bad said about the book. The second time around, I think I would lower the rating to 4.5 stars, not because I enjoyed it less, but because I was more open to the reasons that people did not like the book.

I think what lowered that .5 of a star was the fact that, while I do know how strong and aggressive Celaena is from other books, in this book it is not really displayed so well. You can tell from the way she talks and the way she thinks, but it is not often shown, with not many fights and her thoughts displaying more of a weakness. Other than this, I only started nit-picking – finding the King not quite prominent enough, for example. But these are all things I know are addressed in Crown of Midnight, and they, in no way, lessened my enjoyment of the book.

One thing I did pick up from this book was how much I loved Dorian. I’m still a Chaolaena shipper to the end, but I really did feel more of a connect to Dorian in this book. The first time I read it I thought he just stood in the way of Chaol so I didn’t want him around Celaena, but this time I realised just how funny their interactions were.

“Am I going to be blessed with the pleasure of hearing your voice, or have you resolved to be silent for the duration of our journey?”

“I’m afraid your questions didn’t merit a verbal response.”

Dorian bowed low. “Then I apologize, my lady! How terrible it must be to condescend to answer! Next time, I’ll try to think of something more stimulating to say.”


No fair maiden should die alone,” he said, putting a hand on hers. “Shall I read to you in your final moments? What story would you like?”

She snatched her hand back. “How about the story of the idiotic prince who won’t leave the assassin alone?”

“Oh! I love that story! it has such a happy ending, too – why, the assassin was really feigning her illness in order to get the prince’s attention! Who would’ve guessed it? Such a clever girl. and the bedroom scene is so lovely – its worth reading through all of their ceaseless banter!”

I hate to say it, but I’m beginning to think that Dorian might just be endgame. So many comments in this book pointed it out. Nehemia mentions them seeming to have a connection, they both share their love of books, etc. The idea of her marrying the son of the man she wants to ultimately destroy also seems like an exciting prospect for the story – and the only realistic way of bringing peace. BUT I still love Celaena and Chaol! I love it when he gives her the ring after the ball, which, by the way, I just found out someone had made a copy of…

TOG jewellery 2Isn’t it beautiful? They are sold by, who sell even more Throne of Glass inspired jewellery. Check them out HERE! I seriously want one!

I also love how embarrassed he gets around her. I love how she admires him for beating her in fights, despite her own cocky strength. I love them together. I wish that Chaol would relinquish some of his pride at times, e.g. when he won’t dance with Celaena at the ball, yet scowls at everyone that walks past…

“With you scowling at everyone, no one will ask me to dance.”

Chaol’s dark brows rose. “I’m not scowling at everyone.” Even as he said it, she spotted him frowning at a passing courtier who looked too long in Celaena’s direction.

However, I feel like this is a necessary characteristic for Chaol. As Captain of the Guard, it would be quite worrying if he could suddenly give up all of his ingrained duties and loyalties just because he is attracted to her. She is an assassin and ultimately stands againts everything that he, through his position, should stand for. He is more of a realistic character in this way.

I thought that Nehemia was such a strong character, even more so than when I last read this book. I remember last time often doubting her motives and questioning her character, but this time, knowing her true allegiance, I truly saw her strength, and her loyalty and care towards Celaena. Celaena is a different person around her; softer, calmer – they have a true friendship throughout this book, and it is beautiful.

The plot itself I found just as fun and intriguing as before. The format of trials for Celaena to compete in was a great arc, through which to weave the mystery of the murders, and set up the plot to come. The final battle with Cain at the end is so tense and emotional. You can really see other characters’ care for her through it. Dorian’s worry and immediate rush to help her when it is over, Nehemia giving her her weapon as a sign of allegiance and alliance, and, most importantly, Chaol killing Cain when he goes to kill Celaena after the fight is over! I’d forgotten it had happened, and it is such an important act. I feel it is the start of Chaol losing some of the orders and loyalties that have been ingrained into him. It was a big turning point. It still gives me hope for Chaol and Celaena!

Overall, despite picking up on a few nit-picky things, I still absolutely loved this book. I can’t wait to re-read Crown of Midnight too, because I know I’ve forgotten A LOT about that book.

Is anyone else re-reading the Throne of Glass series in anticipation of Queen of Shadows? And who do you think Celaena will end up with by the end of the series?


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