Summer Reading Plans


Too late to start thinking of a Summer reading plan?

With exams, holidays and generally being quite busy, I haven’t had much time to read; at least not a lot by my usual Summer standards!

I generally go with the flow when it comes to reading, and read whatever I feel in the mood for at the time, however there are some books that I would really like to get finished over this Summer, so I thought I would outline a little bit of a plan.

1) Finish The Lord of the Rings!
This is kind of embarrassing to admit as a huge fantasy fan, but I haven’t finished The Lord of the Rings. I read The Hobbit and The Fellowship back in January, and then just haven’t got back into it. They are quite dense and require a lot of attention, which I haven’t really been able to give a book for the last few months. So, to stop the embarrassment of having to admit that I have not read the books that kind of ignited what we know as fantasy fiction today, I WILL finish both The Two Towers and The Return of the Kings this Summer.

2) Read some classics.
I have sort of neglected classics recently (with the exception of Othello which I have read about 5 times in the past year for my A2 exams and am absolutely sick of), but there are a couple that I would like to read this Summer. I really want to read This Side of Paradise by F. Scott Fitzgerald, which has been sitting on my shelf for a few months now, and I would also like to read my first Hemmingway book – The Sun Also Rises. My favourite film is Midnight in Paris, and as a huge fan of the 1920s, Paris and literature, I do get most of the references, but not Hemmingway’s. I want to see if the Hemmingway of the film, is the same as the one expressed through his writing.

3) Finish the Mistborn trilogy.
I have recently finished book 1: The Final Empire and absolutely loved it! They are large books, so I intend to spend the long time I have off getting through them.

4) Re-read the Throne of Glass series
Queen of Shadows (book 4) comes out on 1st September, and I was shocked to realise how much in the previous books I had forgotten! I have already re-read Throne of Glass, and plan to get to Crown of Midnight and Heir of Fire soon! This is my favourite YA series, and I am really excited to get back into the world and characters. I mean, who wouldn’t want to spend their Summer with Chaol Westfall, Dorian Havilliard and Rowan Whitethorn?

5) Read for fun!
Do you ever read books because you feel like you should read them, rather than because you actually want to? I sometimes have a tendency to do that. One thing I have done this year is not count how many books I am reading. Instead I have a jar, and whenever I finish a book I write it on a post-it note, fold it up and put it in this jar.
IMG_2612 I then force myself not to count the number of post-it notes in it. I’ve only given in and counted about five times *guilty smile*. It does work though, and I’ve lost track of how many books I have read, and what they all were. It’s also why I haven’t set a goodreads challenge this year – I want to read for fun – whether that is 100 books, 50 books, or 5 (I’ve read a lot more than 5, don’t worry!) I want to make sure that I read for fun, and so out of all 5 goals, if this is the only one I achieve I won’t be too harsh on myself!

What do you plan on reading this Summer? Do you like to set plans, or do you like to go with the flow?


10 thoughts on “Summer Reading Plans

    1. Thanks! You should definitely read the Throne of Glass series! It’s one of my favourite series and gets better with each book. It’s one of the few that truly deserves the hype! I need to shorten my TBR a bit too, but there are so many good books out to buy…

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  1. It’s definitely never too late for a reading plan! I also need to finish the Mistborn series and read Alloy of Laws 🙂 Enjoy the rest of your summer!


      1. It’s winter here so no list for me haha. I’m reading Cruel Beauty at the moment!


      2. The romance is very good and the main lead is darker than the average ya lead! Highly recommended. Thank you!

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