Readers Can Relate 1 – Reading In Public


Disclaimer: I am not trying to offend any of the stereotyped people I refer to in this post. It is meant for humorous purposes only!

We’ve all been in that situation.

You’re in a public place (be that school, work, the park, the bus, the toilets…), and you decide to get out that book you’ve been carrying around with you all day, and read.

So, out comes the book. Flipping to the page you left off, you take a seat, and begin to read.

But wait! Somebody walks over to you, and you suppress an inward groan, as you know just what’s about to happen.

Person: “What are you reading?”
You: “It’s called (BOOK NAME HERE – let’s go with Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas as an example) Throne of Glass. (You say this even though you know they have no idea what the book is, or what it’s about)
Person: “What’s it about?”
You: (Provide a short, on-the-spot summary)

There are then a few various ways in which this conversation can go, depending on the type of person that ‘Person’ is…

  1. The Know-It-All: “Oh, I’ve heard of that. I saw it at the bookshop just the other day actually.” (O…kay?)
  2. The Put-Downer: “Oh, that sounds just like The Hunger Games and every other primarily commercialised teen novel in the whole existence of the entire universe.(Because apparently every YA series/trilogy is a carbon copy of the Hunger Games?)
  3. The Been-There-Done-That person: “I have a friend who read that. She said it was really rubbish though because she doesn’t like that sort of thing. I probably won’t read it.” (So why did you ask me about what I was reading?)
  4. The Actually-Genuinely-Interested person: “That sounds really good. Can I borrow it after you?” (Ya know, there are public libraries out there for that precise function!)
  5. The Interested-But-Not-Actually-Interested person: “That sounds good. Gotta go, see ya.” (Just why? Don’t ask me if you don’t care. I’m not going to cry from loneliness if no one asks me what I’m reading.)
  6. The I’m-Not-Going-To-Leave-You-Alone person: “So, is it a YA novel? Celaena Sardothian is the main character? Is there any romance? I love books with romance. There isn’t a love triangle is there? I hate those. When did you start reading it? I might read it too. So how many books are there in the series? Can you get them on Amazon?…” (Seriously, I did not pick this book up as a conversation starter. I just want to read!!!)

Any Loki fans out there? This video suits my feelings when reading a book in public pretty well! LINK HERE


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