Heir of Fire by Sarah J. Maas – Book Discussion (SPOILERS)


“She was the sovereign of a strong people and a mighty Kingdom.
She was the heir of ash and fire, and she would bow to no one.”

Rating: 5/5 (Without question)
Synopsis: Celaena Sardothian, now Aelin Galathynius, must seek out Maeve, Immortal Queen of the the Fae, to seek answers big enough to destroy the King of Adarlan. But first, she must face the torment of her past and the betrayal of the man she loved. Battling against her darkest memories, and the pain of all those she has failed to save, Celaena must fight against the darkness within her, and embrace who she really is, in order to save her people.

Could it be possible…? I loved this book EVEN more reading it for the second time!

This book introduces a whole cast of new characters. And every single one, I grew to love within the space of this book. Rowan Whitethorn, of course, wins out among them all. I really loved Rowan’s character, and more importantly, his role in helping Celaena’s/Aelin’s (what do we even call her now) character. Their friendship is what makes this book what it is. Their interactions are my favourite, from the sarcastic to the powerful.

And of course, we have Dorian. Dorian and his magic. He has been so elevated in my opinion through re-reading the books. I was initially Team Chaol all the way, but now, I think I may just love Dorian a teensy bit more. Chaol, in this book, was so disappointing. He doesn’t play a large role in the unfolding of the story, however, he does still face his ongoing struggle between loyalty to the King, and what he knows in his heart to be the right thing. But he wasn’t a disappointment because he spent so long questioning which side he was on, (I think that’s just a part of Chaol’s character that makes him the loyal person he is), he was disappointing for how he still couldn’t accept Celaena for who she is. It really threw me how all of the characters began to sacrifice themselves at the end, just so that Chaol would survive, because that was who they believed Celaena would want alive most. I’m eagerly waiting to see how his character will evolve in Queen of Shadows. Will he whole-heartedly commit to Aelin’s cause, or will he keep doubting?

This book, has to be the best example of character development I’ve ever read. Celaena at the start of Heir of Fire, is so completely different to Celaena at the end of Heir of Fire. Her pain, her death-wishes, her utter and complete disregard for life, happiness or joy is heartbreaking to read for the sharp, snarky, bold character we have grown to love. But Sarah J. Maas crafts Celaena’s journey so carefully throughout this instalment, through her friendship with Rowan, through her forcefully resurfaced memories, through the pain she endures, through the shocking revelations about the slaughter of the slave camps, and through her finally coming to terms with what happened the day her parents were killed, that Celaena becomes a stronger, braver and more mature character than ever before (and somehow manages to retain some of that snarky sarcasm she had before).

I also loved the introduction of the Fae world in this book. Now in Wendlyn, Celaena meets lots of Fae and demi-Fae, and people from her distant heritage. I love Sarah’s interpretation of Faeries – one of my favourite, if not my favourite mythical creatures. Their brutality and viciousness, in contrast with the elegant, ethereal beauty that works such as Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream have painted for us, makes for such an interesting world and characters.

There is so much more I could talk about, but so that this doesn’t turn into a 20,000 word essay, here’s what I’m most excited about for the rest of the series…

– Aelin x Aedion reunion. This is going to be such a beautiful scene!
– Chaol whole-heartedly committing to the right side. (Celaena’s obviously!)
– Finding out what on earth has happened to Dorian after the final events of this book! (That part actually made me cry.)
– More Rowan Whitethorn!
– Discovering how Manon and the witches interact with the main plot. (Apparently Celaena and Manon meet in Queen of Shadows!)
– And finally seeing and reading about Terrasen.

And Queen of Shadows is out TOMORROW! I am so excited, I think I’ll be waiting by my door with my hands outstretched and open, perched and ready to jump when the door bell rings. I really pity whoever delivers that book!


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