Throne of Glass – Optioned for TV!!??

Yes, you heard me right.

The Throne of Glass series (AKA one of my absolute all-time favourite series on the planet) has been optioned for television!


This is such exciting news, and well deserved for Sarah J. Maas.

If it really does progress far enough to be made into a TV show (it seriously better do now that the entire ToG fandom has been been offered a huge chocolate hazelnut cake that is dangling within their reach), there will be so many nervous and excited fans.

There has got to be the right cast, the right setting, the right plot… it’s scary stuff guys!


So for a bit of fun, I thought I would include some of my fan cast for the Throne of Glass series…

Celaena Sardothian / Aelin Galathynius – Cara Delevingnetumblr_inline_njwcsz54Hs1ro6fac

Dorian Havilliard – Douglas Boothdouglas-booth-photo-130

Chaol Westfall – Luke MitchellLuke-Mitchell-e1423188043191-679x350

Aedion Ashryver – Travis Fimmeltravis fimmel

Rowan Whitethorn – Orlando Bloomb8a6dcabefd6b237_orlandobloom.xxxlarge_2

How is everyone feeling about this news? And do you agree with my fan cast, or do you have other views on who should play these characters?


13 thoughts on “Throne of Glass – Optioned for TV!!??

    1. Haha, he is probably the one I expected most response to. I’m picturing him more like Legolas in the Hobbit – with the long hair. I think the fact he’s a bit older would work with Rowan too. Who do you picture as Rowan?


      1. I picture someone with the body of Chris Hemsworth… you know? he’s supposed to be tall and huge and hot and all… the face I’m not sure. I like Orlando (and I love legolas), but he’s not my (perfect) Rowan.


      2. as long as Sarah works with the casting directors, it doesn’t have to be hard… the characters are hers, right? 😉 I can see that Dorian and Chaol and Aedion… I like Aedion, very much indeed


      3. well, when she gets her turns, there’ll have been precedent for author’s involvement. Cassie Clare was not involved, but was made part of all the casting decisions. And Tahereh Mafi will work as executive producer (or something) for Shatter Me series, so… I’ hopefull.

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  1. I have said it before and I will say it again. I do not like when my favorite books become TV shows/Movies. I dislike everything that comes with it. I will still watch it if it happens but it makes everything seems so much less personal. When I heard this news I had an audible gasp and “NOOOOOOO”. That being said, your fan cast was on point!

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    1. I completely understand. Very few adaptations have fully impressed me. It does make it less personal, and takes away some of that emotional connection you get with a book. However, I love seeing how it is adapted and seeing my favourite scenes come to life. I am nervous to see what they do with it though! And thanks!


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