Readers Can Relate #2 – The Book Hangover

What is a book hangover?

The urban dictionary states: When you’ve finished a book and you suddenly return to the real world, but the real world feels incomplete or surreal because you’re still living in the world of the book.

However, there is much more to it than that!

So what are some of the symptoms of the book hangover?

1.Staring at walls


You need to collect those thoughts and emotions together. For some reason, walls help with that.

2. Feeling drained of all emotion


You’ve had enough of emotion. The book has drained it out of you.

3. Being asked what’s wrong. 


Nothing… just emotional trauma, that’s all.

4. Desperately searching your bookshelves for a book that might cure you of said hangover, but nothing seems adequate, interesting or in any way enjoyable to read. Also known as the reading slump!


It doesn’t matter how many books you have. None of them will do.

5. Carrying the book everywhere with you. It comes to bed with you, goes to dinner with you, even makes it’s way to the toilet with you. 


Okay, maybe not the toilet.

6. You open the book on regular occasions, re-reading your favourite parts and grinning stupidly at the pages like you’re reading it for the first time.

matilda read

This earns you a few funny looks. Make sure you do it in the privacy of your room.

7. You start to use the language and slang of the book


No one usually gets you, but that’s okay. If it makes you feel better, just do it!

8. But really, you just want someone to talk about the book with.

hermione reading gif

So you force someone else to read it too.


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