I’m Back…And Getting Philosophical About Reading!

Hi guys!! It’s been a while! But I’m finally back!

Life has been crazy busy in the past couple of months, and it’s been very difficult to find a lot of spare time to dedicate to reading and blogging. Which has meant that since my last blog post back in October, I have read a grand total of 1 book!

But when I say I have read 1 book, I’m referring to books I would read for fun. Because in reality, I have read thousands of pages of historical journal articles, monographs, reviews and historical documents. But I wouldn’t class those as ‘reading’ in the same way I would call reading for fun, ‘reading’. Get me?

In a way, spending some time away from ‘reading for fun’ has really made me think about all the reading we do in everyday life, and the importance we assign to them.

For instance, in any normal week day I will read: my emails, the Bible, my Facebook feed, my core reading for uni, wider reading to understand my core reading, essay reading, the news…

…And these are only a few from a very long list!

And the thing is, we give these priority over reading that is purely for our enjoyment. So when they are all done, and the day is over, and we are left with that couple of free hours to ourselves, sometimes we do not then want to read again.

But I think what helps, and what I am hoping will help me, is to think of reading for necessity, and reading for fun as two completely separate activities. Sometimes it’s hard to switch from study mode, to ‘read for fun’ mode, and I’m apparently still trying to find ways myself of managing it.

Having spent so long not engaging in my favourite pastime has actually made me think about how difficult it can be to just sit down and relax with a book. And it has also made me forget how much I love to read.

But I am now on my Christmas break *cheers and dances*, and (should) have loads more free time. More importantly, I will have much less ‘reading for necessity’. Hopefully I will be able to get myself out of this reading slump, and learn to balance the books I have to read, and the books I want to read, much better. I can’t wait to start reading more, and to surround myself in the book blogging world once again!

Here’s to getting out of my worst reading slump!


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