A Thousand Pieces of You by Claudia Gray – Book Review


“Every form of art is another way of seeing the world. Another perspective, another window. And science –that’s the most spectacular window of all. You can see the entire universe from there.”

Rating: 5/5

Synopsis: Marguerite Caine’s physicist parents are the inventors of the Firebird: a device which allows its user to travel to parallel universes. But when Marguerite’s father is murdered, not long after the invention’s completion, the evidence points towards her parent’s research assistant Paul. But Paul has escaped into another dimension, along with the Firebird. Marguerite is set to kill, and races after Paul, through the dimensions. But with each dimension she travels, she questions Paul’s true intentions, and the lies that might surround her father’s murder. And the truth may be far more complicated than she had imagined.

Claudia Gray must have crept into my mind and pulled out everything I love about a book, and then written it all down to create this piece of art.

A Thousand Pieces of You was everything I needed in a book and more.

I knew I would like this book. I mean, epic love story/ revenge story, across alternate dimensions sounds pretty exciting. But I did not know it was going to become one of my favourite books! I’ve read a lot of bad/okay books lately, and I REALLY needed this book.


Our main character, Marguerite, was really engaging, and her first person POV really connected me to the story. I wouldn’t have wanted to see this story through any other character’s eyes. But because this story followed Marguerite travelling through many different dimensions, there were also different versions of each character in each. I don’t know how Claudia Gray did it, but each character was written in such a way that although each alternate of each character had their unique differences and distinctions, you still got the essence of ‘that character’ in each variation. I would have known who a character was, even if they hadn’t been named. So not only is there a brilliantly written cast of characters, there are fantastically written alternates of each one!

And Claudia Gray was able to not only create one world really well, but lots. Each dimension travelled to was well developed, believable, and interesting. My favourite thing about this book was the anticipation of waiting to see which dimension Marguerite would travel to next. 5 worlds were built better in this 350 page book than one world in many other 500+ page books. My favourite world was easily the Russian one. With Russian Lieutenant Markov – you know what I mean if you’ve read it!

Which brings me to the whole idea of travelling to parallel universes. I thought it was going to be really confusing, and as much as I love the sciences, physics was not my strong subject! But the science in the book was described very well, and the travel was very simple to follow and understand. There wasn’t a whole lot of scientific jargon to get your head around, which I really appreciated, but there was enough to make it feel authentic.

I also loved the structure of the story. It was a relatively short book, and yet it was packed with so much information and back-story, without ever feeling info-dumpy. It starts right in the middle of the action, and tells you the back-story as and when the reader needs it. Everything in this book is necessary and important to the story – there is no wasted sentence. It’s fast-paced and action-packed, and suited the story really well.

And yet, the writing style is so romantically gorgeous…

“I believe in a moment. A moment when you glimpse the truth within someone, and they glimpse the truth within you. In that moment, you don’t belong to yourself any longer, not completely. Part of you belongs to him; part of him belongs to you. After that, you can’t take it back, no matter how much you want to, no matter how hard you try.”


I could print quotes from this book and string them around my room. I do tend to fall for the beautiful, quotable books – and this was definitely one of them. But, like I said, every sentence of this book counts, and there is no wasted language. When these ‘quotable’ sentences come up, they are relevant and poignant to the actions and events at the time. It was just so brilliantly crafted!

Now, please bear with me while I attempt to obtain my own Firebird, so I can travel to an alternate dimension where I have not yet read this book, and enjoy it for the first time all over again!


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