Goodreads Reading Challenge


For the first time, I have decided to set a goodreads Reading Challenge this year.

I have talked about reading challenges before, but I generally don’t like them. They make reading a task for me, and they make me feel guilty if I don’t achieve my goal – feeling I have failed.

In 2015 I decided, instead, to write down each book I read and put it in a jar, to pull out at the end of the year. My reasoning was that it would create less pressure to keep reading because I wouldn’t know how much I had read, until I pulled out the pieces of paper at the end of the year. But I was still a little disappointed when I realised how few books I had actually read, when I did open up that jar. And let’s be honest, my self-restraint was seriously tested each time I looked at the jar, and I probably counted the contents at least once every month!

So I have decided that I actually do need a bit of a challenge this year – not to make reading into a challenge, and certainly not to make me feel bad if I don’t reach my goal, but to push me to actually keep reading. Because I enjoy reading! It is so easy to take a short break from reading, and let it turn into an entire month! There was a point last year that I almost forgot just how much I love to read. I had stopped reading in a busy time of the year, and the slump continued for multiple months. I certainly need a way to prevent that from happening again this year!

I’ve set my reading challenge at 50 books. A little less than I would normally read, but more than my 30-something books read last year. Even if I don’t reach 50, I am hoping it will still push me to keep reading regularly, and encourage me to keep spending my free time doing something I enjoy. I’m also hoping that it will help me find more great books, and not just settle with the most popular ones!

Have any of you set goodreads Reading Challenges for this year? How many books to you hope to read?

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