Do You Wanna Join A Bookclub?

I wrote and sang that title to ‘Do you wanna build a snowman’, because apparently the snow has been messing with my head, and making me think my jokes are funny…

I wanted to talk about book clubs, and tell you some exciting news! I have always loved the idea of bookclubs. The thought of people gathering together with a shared interest, and a shared experience, able to discuss and talk about those interests and experiences, is so great. What I love even more, is internet bookclubs. Because not only can we meet with those close to us – but we can join with people from all around the world! The thought of readers from all over the world reading one book together, and having that in common with other book-lovers is something that seems really exciting to me. I have loved talking with so many people from so many different places both on my blog, and on my bookstagram, especially talking about books we have both read and loved!

So speaking of bookclubs…I have some rather exciting news. Recently me and some of my lovely bookstagram friends created our own bookclub – Bookaholic Alliance! We plan on choosing a new theme each month, and selecting a book for that theme, which we can all read together, and discuss at the end of the month.

bookahlic alliance

But we need your help too! February is going to be our first month, and we have selected the theme ROMANCE. We currently have a poll running where you can vote for which book you would like us to select for this theme.

If you are interested in becoming a member, please check out our group on goodreads, and vote in our poll. You can also follow us on our instagram page where we will be posting pictures of the books we are reading, and have further discussions as we all read along together.

I am so excited for our first month to start, and can’t wait to meet more of you through a shared love of books.

Hope to see you there!

Goodreads: Bookaholic Alliance
Instagram: Bookaholic Alliance


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