BOOK REVIEW: Winter by Marissa Meyer


“Yeah, but broken isn’t the same as unfixable.”

Rating: 5/5

Synopsis: Princess Winter’s beauty and kindness are admired across Luna, much to the displeasure of her stepmother, Queen Levana. Despite her scars: physical and mental, Winter is stronger than Levana knows, and is completely ready to join Cinder and her friends, to launch a revolution, and take down the Queen. And a war may be easy enough to stir in the innocent civilians, treated like the dirt underneath Levana’s shoes. But Levana will not relinquish her throne without force. Can Cinder, Scarlet, Cress and Winter finally defeat the Queen, and find their own happy endings?

Oh Stars…this was such a beautiful ending to such an amazing series. Probably one of the best concluding books to a series that I’ve read in a long while. I loved all 824 pages of it!
For those of you who haven’t read the Lunar Chronicles, here’s a list of reasons you should:
– Fairytale re-tellings with mega cool sci-fi twists (Our Cinderella character is a cyborg for starters!)
– Widely culturally diverse character cast
– Interesting futuristic world, which we get to travel around a lot of (New Beijing, Paris, deserts…the moon…)
– Very sweet romance, which is very prominent, yet doesn’t detract from the main plot
– Gets better with each book!

And speaking of those 824 pages, I was really expecting this book to have some dragging moments. I felt those moments in Cress (which was still a few hundred pages shorter than this), and was sure there would be some dull moments in this one. How wrong I was! The action is pretty much constant, and when it’s lacking, the character development is so prominent and strong, that there was no moment that I wasn’t on the edge-of-my-seat. It’s so lovely to see how this series has progressed, how much the characters have developed, how much the world has become so ingrained in my imagination, and how beautifully Marissa Meyer’s writing has grown with each book. This is certainly a series of progression, with each book far surpassing it’s predecessor. So for those of you that have read Cinder, and are feeling a little disappointed with the story – it gets better!

This is one of those series, where you can kind of predict storyline outcomes. You can guess at what a character will do next. And you know who’s going to win. But this is part of its charm! What makes it truly special though, is the great cast of characters.

Winter has become one of my favourite female characters of YA. I love characters that are not fully, mentally stable. As a result of trying to suppress her Lunar gifts, Winter has Lunar Sickness, resulting in constant hallucinations, and sees the world around her differently to the rest of the characters. I loved reading her chapters; her thought processes, and the way she saw people and situations. I kind of wish I could have read a whole book in a first-person POV from Winter. And oh how much I missed the rest of those characters! The rest of the returning cast were as brilliant as ever. Cinder still fell slightly flat for me as a character, although I think this is because of a really strong, amazing cast of other characters that all had very clear distinct characteristics, that made Cinder (despite the specialities that made her so interesting) kind of pale in comparison. I felt Cress and Thorne, though they had smaller parts in the story than I would have liked, really experienced big character developments. Seeing them develop together as characters was so moving and heart-warming. Stars (yes, ‘stars’ has now become my new exclamation), if Marissa Meyer doesn’t write another story about those two I will be so sad! Thorne’s sarcasm was as funny as ever, and I really loved Kai’s sense of humour in this book. Kai really became his own character in Winter, and not just a side to Cinder, and I was so pleased to see it!


The setting of this last instalment was also very cool, and takes place completely on Luna. This book did a great job of conveying the atmosphere of this new world (although if you read the prequel, Fairest, that will give you a much better picture). I would have liked a little more exploration of Luna, but given that the main characters are all planning a revolution, I think we see as much as we need for the story.

I really don’t have a lot more to say about this book, without giving away lots of spoilers, other than that it was a very satisfying conclusion to one of my favourite series. The romantic sub-plots wrap up nicely, and there is a clear conclusion. But I feel like there’s more. Not that this story isn’t completely wrapped-up, it is, but the ending still gave me so many questions for these characters’ futures. Perhaps it’s because I have been reading this series for a few years and feel very attached to it, but I just want more. I want to know what happens after the end.


I’m hoping that Stars Above (the Lunar Chronicles short-story collection that is coming out next month) will be able to satisfy my Lunar chronicles withdrawal symptoms, because boy am I experiencing them!


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