Readers Can Relate #3 – Anticipated Releases

I haven’t done one of these posts for a while, so I thought it was time for another! This time: Anticipated Reads – brought on by finishing my most anticipated read of this year: A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas. As such, I’m talking specifically about the anticipated releases that you end up loving!

These points are basically my feelings while reading ACOMAF, along with other highly anticipated books that I loved. Hopefully you may be able to relate to some of them!


1.Anxiously anticipating every little reveal before the book’s release


Name reveal, cover reveal, release date – you’re there for the reveal of every detail!


2. Release-day excitement


Eagerly, silently pleading with the post man to hurry up and deliver it already!  The postman won’t know what hit him when he hears that excited squeal!


3. Starting the book

giphy (1)

Goodbye social life (did that even exist anyway?), outside world, friends and family. It’s ‘me + book’ special time.


4. Getting to that half way point and realising it’s going to be over soon…


And having that inner turmoil over the decision of whether to power through because you are enjoying it so much, or taking your sweet time to savour every page and delay its ending. It’s a hard decision to make!


5. Turning that final page


That feeling of complete satisfaction and despair at the same time, knowing that the year of waiting and anticipation has come to its end.


6. Book Hangover

download (1)

You spend your time reading/watching/writing reviews and book talks, looking at fan art, stalking the author’s social media, reading fan fiction, and simply spending your spare thinking hours completely absorbed in the story.


7. Trying to get into another book


But none of them are going to match the book you just finished. Is it acceptable to just read that book over again?


8. Back to waiting


At least (if it wasn’t the last book in a series!) there’s another year to go through the roller-coaster of emotions again until the next book is released!




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