My Blog Looks Different!?

For those of you who don’t follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you may be unaware (until you clicked onto my blog, obviously!) that I have redesigned my blog. It looks very different to the set-up I had previously, so I thought I would make it clear that it has had a re-design so that you don’t get confused when you click onto it!

This is what my header used to look like:


It was just a picture of some of my books, with a weird, hazy filter, and one of the ten free fonts on a photo-editing app that I had! I still don’t think there’s anything particularly wrong with it, but I was beginning to find the filter a bit dreary, and the font a bit tacky.

I have a very creative and artistic younger sister, who is currently studying art at college and knows how to do all the creative arty stuff I wish I could do. Fortunately, she is my sister, so I can get her to make me pretty arty things. And she made me this new header…


She drew the pattern in the background, painted ‘reader in a reverie’, and then did some clever editing and this is how it all turned out! I really love it. Not only because it looks beautiful, but because a part of my sister is now part of my blog!

She also made me some very cute illustrations to use, such as this lovely open book, with the pages folded into a heart:


So if you see that image appear a lot, it’s because I love it so much!

As well as the header, I also changed the whole theme. I previously used the Twenty Ten theme, which I really liked for how easy it was to use and navigate! But it meant that there was a lot of background space when it was viewed on a laptop/computer screen, which made the writing itself appear a bit smaller. And the banner size wasn’t optional, so it ended up a much thinner header than I would have liked. It was in no way a bad theme. I mean, I used it for almost a year so I liked enough to keep it for that long! I just felt that I wanted my blog to have a bit of a cleaner and brighter feel, with a bigger banner, and more focused on the posts themselves than the background. 

So I am now using the Nucleare theme, which I am much preferring. And I have given it a completely white background, to make the posts and pictures stand out more. I think it looks fresher, simpler and brighter, and I’m really happy with it. And I am really in love with the blog header.

I hope you like my new set-up too!

I will be posting my originally-planned post today too, but I just wanted to let you know about the visual changes so you know it’s still same little me over here! XD



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