BOOK REVIEW | Shadow (The Romany Outcasts #2) by Christi J. Whitney


Title: Shadow (The Romany Outcasts #2)

Author: Christi J. Whitney

Genre: Urban Fantasy, YA

Published: 2nd June 2016

Format: ebook

Rating:  star (1)star (1)star (1)star (1)star (1)




“Monsters don’t attend graduation parties. Not even when their best friends send invitations decorated with enough glitter to nauseate a fairy.”

Goodreads Synopsis:

When stone hearts break they shatter.
Sebastian Grey used to be a normal teenager. Now he’s a creature whose sole purpose is to be a guardian for secretive gypsy clans.
When the Romany gypsies claim him, Sebastian is given a second chance to protect Josephine Romany – the girl he loves. But some clan members would rather see a gargoyle in a cage than have one by their sides.
If Sebastian is to keep Josephine safe from the shadow creatures attacking her people, he might have to embrace his changes. Even if that means choosing between his humanity and becoming the monster everyone believes him to be.

If you haven’t yet read book 1 in the Romany Outcasts series, you can check out my review HERE!


I know this book is coming out tomorrow, but can book three come out the day after, please?

Thank you so much to the author for sending me an ebook copy of Shadow in exchange for an honest review.

This book was AMAZING! Even better than book 1, which I also loved. After the events of the first book, all the tensions are heightened: the character developments, the relationships, the mysterious back-stories…tensions everywhere!

My heart seriously went out to Sebastian in this book. What a character development that takes place! The Sebastian at the start of Grey, is very different to the Sebastian at the end of Shadow, but the progression is so real, emotional and heart-breaking. I just wanted to give the boy a huge hug! And his snarky, sarcastic retorts were absolutely brilliant. I love that despite his situation, he still has a sense of humour. And I also love his reading tastes…

“I tucked the copy of Much Ado About Nothing I’d been reading under my arm”

I am a strong advocate for more teenage characters in YA books reading Shakespeare. Okay, not really, but I should be! I just love to see others love Shakespeare like I do (and did as a teenager in secondary school)!

The rest of the characters in this book are also wonderful to read. I loved learning more about the other Romany characters, and especially Josephine and her own struggles and development as a character. We get to see more of the villain side too, and I’m more than a little curious (as well as very worried) to find out what our villain has got in store for Sebastian in the next book. He certainly gave me the chills at the end of this one!

I was also so happy that this book takes place mostly in Romany clan; a setting I wanted to read more about in book 1. Reading about the gypsy life, and seeing the relationships and interactions between the characters was so interesting to read about. I just love the uniqueness of this story!

Yet again, this was a book that had me thinking about it whenever I put it down. The story is so gripping and intriguing, and I have become so attached to these characters. It’s a story that fully immerses you, and forces you to sit and read to the end as fast as you can. I thoroughly recommend this series to everyone who loves a good YA urban fantasy!



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