June Wrap-Up | 2016

I’ve reached the point where I’m going to stop apologising for the amount of books I have read in the month. Yes, it’s only three books again (well, technically only two because one was finished in May) and no, I don’t really have any excuses other than “life was busy” – but then isn’t it always!?

So remember in my May Wrap-up when I said that I knew I wouldn’t finish another book by the end of that month, so I posted it quite early? Well, guess who actually did finish another book!

13329693_1231332083544201_808825981_nShadow (The Romany Outcasts #2) by Christi J. Whitney
Rating: 5/5
This was the sequel to Grey, which I absolutely loved, and was EVEN BETTER! I’m so excited for the third book! This is such a cool series with gargoyles and gypsies and curses and friendship and love and it’s brilliant! If you like YA urban fantasy, do yourself a favour and try this series!



Anyway, here’s what I managed to read this month…

13510637_1246700252007384_1995129252_nFinding the Phoenix (The Celestial Talisman #1) by Caitlin O’Connor
Rating: 4/5
The first book in an adult urban fantasy series; Finding the Phoenix was very different and unique. The characters were my favourite part, all with interesting and compelling backstories and flaws. I really do love flawed characters! I feel like this series is heading to an epic ending and I’m looking forward to seeing where it will go.



13566170_1250506078293468_1135200277_nGifted (The Hayven Series #1) by J. A. George
Rating: 4/5
Wait…another urban fantasy series!!?? I thought I didn’t even really like urban fantasy all that much until this month! And this series was especially interesting, because the main character is a British, 19 year old, university student (AKA me!). At times it made me think a little of the Archived, in some of its storyline and some of the characters (I mean this in a very good way!). The world was probably my favourite thing, and I’m intrigued to read more about it!


That’s my, slightly late, June wrap-up! I would add my usual ‘next month I’m gonna read so much more’ line, but actually I’m so busy at the moment that I probably won’t!

What did you read this month? Any favourites?


4 thoughts on “June Wrap-Up | 2016

  1. I usually average 3 books a month. Sometimes it looks like more due to novellas or comic books. I think 3 is a good amount! 🙂 I always feel like I don’t read enough. I see how many books other people read and I’m like “I’m so slow”! But now it’s like who cares? I look forward to seeing your reads for July.

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  2. I really like those photos! Just perfectly shot. ❤️

    And hey, three books isn’t bad at all – and it does sound like you’ve had a mostly great month reading-wise. I’ll be checking out Finding the Phoenix; it looks like something I might enjoy. ☺️

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