A Bookworm’s Recipe for a Relaxing Evening – With an Extra Helping of Sarcasm

I don’t know about you, but as a reader, I find it absolutely abhorrent that anyone would waste their evenings away on Netflix, watching films, binge-watching new shows, going out with friends…I mean, I never do any of those things. All I do is read every single night like a good little bookworm.

Okay, okay…before anyone comments telling me how rude I am, I’m lying! In fact, at the moment, I spend more of my time watching the Big Bang Theory before bed than I do reading. But when I do have a relaxing evening with a book, they are some of my favourite me-time nights.

So I’m going to tell you my 5 Steps for the best bookish night of your life (I’ll warn you in advance that sarcasm and exaggeration abound in this post!).


1. Set the mood

I mean, You + Book = Best date ever! Am I right!? So you gotta set the mood. For me, this means that, first of all, on go the fairy lights! There are fairy lights in nearly every corner of my room, but they only all go on when it’s one of these ‘relax and read’ nights! Even if it’s still light outside (how dare you shine, sun!) the curtains are closed and the lights are on. I know, I’m just great for saving energy and the environment!!

2. Wind Down

The next thing I do is run a bath! There’s no better way to physically wind down than with a hot bath! You can make this extra bookish by reading in the bath, but this might make your pages wet and bubbly, and so I only recommend this to bath-reading experts. I advise that beginners should practice by sitting in an empty bath with no water, and extending their reading arm out of the bath, until you feel completely comfortable. Alright, maybe I’m going a bit too far with the book stuff…it’s just a bath, you feel clean, relaxed and happy YAY!


These are my go-to treat time toiletries. I love using Lush products when I want to feel super clean and calm. The Mask of Magnaminty face mask is literally one of my favourite products of ever. I use it twice a week and it makes my face feel so great! And you have to feel good for your book date don’t you!?

3. Important Step No. One

This is a very, very important step, so listen carefully. In life, two things are certain to make you happy. Books, and tea*. But we’ll talk about books later, for now we’re talking tea. Tea is my favourite. If you know me at all, you know I’m obsessed with my strong builder’s tea. This is an essential for my perfect night. Well, actually it’s an essential for every day of my life, many times a day, but I had to mention it here because, you know, priorities!

*Sorry if you don’t like tea. If you don’t like tea you should probable just skip reading this one…

4. Pick your spot


Now that you are clean and exercised, (yes, holding a book out of the bath is serious arm exercise!) it is time to move to your perfect reading spot. For me it’s my bed, because it doubles as my perfect sleeping spot. So I don’t even have to move when I want to transition from read to sleep. I’m a lazy person.

5. Important Step No. Two 

Now make sure you are reading this very carefully. This is the most important step of all, and failure to succeed in this final step will render all prior activities useless. You will need *coughs to clear throat dramatically* a book!

You can read whatever you are currently reading, or sometimes I pick up a new book specifically because I know it will help me relax and wind down.

Also, look at this adorable little book-light/torch I have. I don’t use it very often, but sometimes the fairy lights are just not quite enough light to read by, and this handy little contraption comes in very useful!

And there you have it: how to reach happiness in 5 simple steps. Tune in next time for Sarcastic Life Guru Episode 2: How to have the best day of your life! Featuring reorganising bookshelves, taking pictures of books on Instagram, and drinking lots of tea.



10 thoughts on “A Bookworm’s Recipe for a Relaxing Evening – With an Extra Helping of Sarcasm

  1. Haha, I love this post! It’s been so long since I ran a bath and I’d love to do that again soon… but I can’t seem to read when I’m in it, mostly because I’m forever afraid of accidentally dropping my book (or my phone, since I read ebooks) into the water. D:

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! No, it’s probably not a good idea to read on your phone in the bath 😁🙈 to be honest I don’t read a physical book in the bath often because I’m so clumsy I will inevitably drop it 😂


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