Readers Can Relate #4 – DNFing books

I don’t know about you, but leaving a book unfinished and putting it on that DNF (Did Not Finish) shelf on goodreads…it’s a horrible feeling! But sometimes it’s got to be done. We do have a TBR pile as tall as the Eiffel Tower to complete, you know!

Here are some of the reasons I have DNFed a book – hopefully you can relate to some of them…


1) The book that is just so mind-numbingly boring…

dnf rcr 4

There is only so long you can force yourself to read those utterly dull sentences. It starts with a bit of skimming over the REALLY boring parts, then missing the long description bits, until eventually the whole thing is too draining to push yourself through, and you just have to give up!


2) The book you have been anticipating for a long time…

dnf rcr 7.gif

Except this time, the anticipation doesn’t last though. Maybe it’s the amount of hype, or maybe you had too high expectations, but for some reason this book you were so highly anticipating is not fun to read at all! These can be the hardest to DNF because of how much energy went into being excited for it’s release, but let’s be honest: there’s probably another five books you’re excited for, being released soon! 


3) The book that is too uncomfortable, that you know straight way this is not a book for you…

dnf rcr 8.gif

Sometimes it’s a theme or message the book is portraying that just doesn’t sit right with you, but there’s that gut feeling inside of you that pushes you away from this novel.


4) The book that you read before…oh wait no it wasn’t this book…but it feels just like it…

dnf rcr 2

You’ve literally read this same storyline, these same character tropes, the same themes, and the same romantic arc about a thousand times! Perhaps these are all the same books, with a different cover? Either way, these books become so predictable that there almost becomes no point in finishing it. And when there are so many unique stories around, why settle?


5) And don’t get me started on the book where the female protagonist has to be rescued by the male love interest about fifty times in the duration of a 400 page novel…

dnf rcr 6

If you read YA, or indeed if you read at all, you’ve read one of these books. And it works the other way around too. Basically, any book where the main character relies on the love interest to do stuff for them. 


6) The book with terrible writing

dnf rcr 5

You know, that book that is just impossible to read due to how badly written it is! It just makes no sense. When you are an avid reader/book blogger and find yourself wondering whether you can actually read, it’s probably time to put the book down!

Personally, I used to hate DNFing books. I used to force myself through, even if I hated it, just because I couldn’t stand leaving the story incomplete. But now I find I do it quite often. At the end of the day, I read for enjoyment, and if I’m not enjoying a book, I’m not going to read it!

I also then stop myself from posting reviews of these books. Why? I’m scared of the backlash from people saying I can’t have a proper say on the book if I haven’t read it all. And although I do sometimes agree with this view, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and sometimes not being able to finish a book is enough evidence to go on to write a negative review.

What are your thoughts on not finishing books? And do you review your DNF books?



11 thoughts on “Readers Can Relate #4 – DNFing books

  1. It is so funny you’ve posted this… I have a discussion post about DNFing books scheduled for tomorrow! 🙂 I totally agree with you – I used to finish every book but now I will DNF books! Great post!

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  2. DNFing books gives me a horrible feeling but sometimes I think that if the book is not good at all it is probably wise to put it down. Otherwise I may go on a reading slump and I may never finish it. Which means I wont read any other books. I only DNF if I have the right reasons.

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