Venturing Out Into The World of Non-Fiction

Have you ever had that conversation, in which, after telling a person that you love reading, they reply by listing multiple books and asking if you have read them? Of course you have! And it’s a great conversation to have! But occasionally, it gets a little awkward (if you’re anything like me) when the books mentioned all have a common theme – they’re all non-fiction!

I get this a lot, which I think is partly added to by the fact that I am a history student, and often get asked about non-fiction books about historical events/periods.

It’s not that I don’t like non-fiction, I do. And it’s not that I don’t read non-fiction, I do. It’s just that, when given the option, I never choose to spend my free time, curled up with a non-fiction book, over a good old fictional story.

But I want that to change.

I feel as though my reading tastes are changing a little, and I am finding myself wanting to read more non-fiction.

I can summarise the kinds of non-fiction that I want to read into three categories:

Christian Lit

I am a Christian, and my faith is a huge part of my life. But recently I have been really wanting to study more of the bible, and of theology too. So I have a couple of study books on various books of the Bible that I want to read alongside my daily Bible reading, to understand and learn more. I also want to read more CS Lewis. I read the Screwtape Letters a couple of years ago (which is actually a fictional book, but SO eye-opening and thought-provoking), but I really want to read some of his non-fiction – especially Mere Christianity.


I mean, this is something I’m a little more comfortable with, being a History student and all! But I also want to read about some history that I’m not studying at uni at the same time. For instance, the early Romanov Tsars are really intriguing to me, and I’d love to read more about them.

Writing Craft

I really want to get back into creative writing, and writing more stories. I think there is only so much a writing craft book can teach you on how to write, but I do still find them really helpful in directing my writing. I want to reread some of my Elements of Fiction Writing books, and possibly read some new ones too.


I have been finding more time for some of these kinds of books recently, but of course it means less time reading my beloved fantasy books! I still need to find the right reading balance, but hopefully this will get me back into reading more again!


4 thoughts on “Venturing Out Into The World of Non-Fiction

  1. Every now and again I try to read something completely different from what I normally curl up with. Reading this actually reminded me that I haven’t finished that book I have on the history of samurai.
    I did history at university but you’re right about it being important to read outside the area of your study.

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