Series That I’m DNFing

When you have a TBR as long as mine, and so many amazing new series to read, you have to filter out the books that are not so amazing. Over the years, there have been quite a few series that have just been okay, and many that I have decided to leave unfinished. Here’s a list of some of the series that I’ve given up on…

(Just a warning: the vast majority of these are YA dystopian trilogies!)



The Divergent Trilogy by Veronica Roth

I was quite late to the Divergent craze – I only read the first book after the film had come out. And although I did enjoy it, and thought Insurgent was quite good too, I felt no burning desire to find out how it all ended. Maybe it’s because I’ve heard so many bad things about the last book (and was also spoiled about it pretty much as soon as it came out), or maybe it’s simply because I rarely read YA dystopian novels as prolifically as I used to, but I just can’t see myself ever completing this series.


dustlands trilogy moira young

The Dustlands Trilogy by Moira Young

I bought this trilogy because Moira Young was at a book signing I was attending, and I wanted to read her books before meeting her. I have only read the first book, and like Divergent, I actually enjoyed it. But now that so much time has passed, and I just don’t feel the desire to read YA dystopian trilogies any more, I don’t think I will realistically get to the next books.



The Uglies Series by Scott Westerfeld

I actually did read the whole trilogy, but a fourth book was published, which I think is a companion book? I honestly really had to push myself to finish the trilogy, because each book, although progressively better, was just okay. I really wanted to see what the hype was about, and I think that forced me through it, but I know for certain that I won’t pick up the spin off.



The Fifth Wave Trilogy by Rick Yancey
I did really enjoy the first book, and bought The Infinite Sea as soon as it came out. But then the last book was pushed back. And then I put it on hold. And now it’s been about 3 years since I read that first book, and I really can’t remember it. But I also have no desire to re-read it to refresh myself.



The 100 Series by Kass Morgan
I read The 100 before I watched the TV show, and loved it. Actually, I liked it a lot more than the TV show. But then I watched the TV show, and then I got bored, and then I read the second book, and then I watched more of the TV show…and it all got too confusing! The books and the show are COMPLETELY different stories, to the point where I can’t even remember which storylines happened in the book, and which happened in the show any more. It’s another case of me not being invested enough to re-read the books to remember.



The Shopaholic Series by Sophie Kinsella

I absolutely loved this series when I was younger. I started reading them when I was about 12, and at the time I thought they were brilliant. I read up to the sixth book I think, even though in my mind the series was finished for me after the fifth book. But I know that recently a seventh book was published, and while I was contemplating reading it, I decided that I was happy with how the series finished for me, and was happy to leave it there.



The Six of Crows Duology by Leigh Bardugo 

I’m guessing that this is one of the more surprising ones, so I saved it until last – I don’t think that I will ever get around to finishing this duology. I read Six of Crows when it came out, and although I loved the characters, and that is usually enough for me to carry on with a series, I found the plot so boring, and the world so underwhelming, and had to push myself through the pages so forcefully, that I just don’t see myself picking up the second book. I think I gave this book 4 stars when I first reviewed it, but I think that was a kind review. Over time, I just remember more things about it that I didn’t really like, and I cannot see myself finishing the duology. Which is a shame, because I absolutely loved Leigh Bardugo’s Grisha trilogy. So much so, that I don’t think anything else she wrote could have ever lived up to those high expectations.


Do you have any series that you have decided to leave unfinished? Do we share any of the same? 


24 thoughts on “Series That I’m DNFing

    1. That confirms my plan not to read the fourth book in the Uglies series then! I can’t properly comment on the ending of the Divergent series because I didn’t actually read it, it’s just that when I was spoiled I lost interest 😦 and thank you !

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  1. I actually enjoyed the divergent series. And loved the SoC duo!! I haven’t read the others on this list. But I understand why you don’t want to finish them. There isn’t many books/series that im dnfing myself… I think there are 2 so far. (Miss Pergrine’s home for Peculiar Children, me before you).

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    1. I’m really sad that I’m missing out on the enjoyment of SoC. I guess it just wasn’t for me, but I wish I loved it as much as everyone else! I have read Me Before You and might not end up reading the second book, but I’m still undecided!

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      1. I didn’t like MBY or MPHFPC as much as everyone else so I don’t think i will continue them, so i understand what you mean. Maybe you can try SoC again at a later date? I was in a bit of a reading slump when I read MPHFPC. So that might have something to do with why i didn’t like it as much. Maybe i will try rereading it- to give it another shot? So depending on circumstances etc could be why you didn’t care for it at the time? Just a thought.

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  2. I really hated Allegiant, and thought that Insurgent was only okay. So you’re definitely not missing out by DNFing the Divergent series, sometimes I wish it had been a standalone! I’m also in the same situation for The 5th Wave, I read it when it came out, bought the second book, and have yet to touch it. I’m not sure if I want to completely DNF the series though….. I’m not quite ready to give up on it! 😂

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  3. The 100… Oh my . I’ve only seen the series so far and it was quite confusing. I can imagine what you’ve been through (I had the same with the Bernard Cornwell series and the first season of the TV show. The books are so much better though!). I’ve had the same with the series from Terry Goodkind. In saw the TV show first, started the book and couldn’t care less after the first book. As far as divergent goes, I’ve only ever dared to watch the movies (at least I could just walk about if things got boring/bad in the movie).

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    1. It was so confusing! It’s always a risk when there is a TV show and the books, that they will be so different that you just can’t enjoy them both. Haha, that sounds like a good idea with Divergent! I actually quite liked the first movie, though I thought the second one was a bit dull! I haven’t got around to watching the third one yet!

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  4. The Fourth Book in the Uglies series focuses on another character and I think Westerfeld made a mistake by doing that. We went through three books through one character’s POV, and then he switches it on us. I’ve read his new book, Zeroes, and it was pretty good, but I heard Afterworlds was lame. So I think he’s losing his appeal, unfortunately. Def a lot of dystopian on there, but I think the dystopian fad is moving on and magical realism is taking its place!

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    1. Yes, I had heard that, which was probably what initially put me off. I tried his Leviathan trilogy but I thought that the first book was just okay, and didn’t make it through the second. I think his books are just not for me! Dystopian is definitely moving on now, although I do still enjoy one that is really well done. It just has to be really different from all of the others, and these were beginning to all feel the same!


  5. You arnt missing much by not finishing the Divergent series. I had to force myself to read the last book.

    I liked Six of Crows, but I didn’t LOVE it like everyone else. I did love the characters, but didn’t get into the plot until the second half of the book.


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