Adventure for me is a patch of tulips.

Adventure for you is the beginning of a thousand novels in your smiles
It is the chapters turned over with every blink of your eyes
It is pieces of many stories inked into your skin in indecipherable signs
Your lips speak of life in magnificent tales
I see it in the lines set deep in your face
Like warrior paint
Adventure for you is a forest of wildflowers
Untameable, bold and beautiful
But for me it is a manicured patch of tulips
It is smaller than whole fields, managed by gentle hands
But it is no less of a force
I do not turn chapters with every blink
But I’ll stir up a word
And each word will resound with the power you heard
In one of the novels that your tears tell
Because adventure for me is one complete story
Beginning and end
My face will tell you a tale of strength and might
But it will tell you just one
And it will begin and end with light


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