Rating Books with F.R.I.E.N.D.S Gifs

I like rating books, I like FRIENDS and I like GIFs, so why not add all of those things together?


1 Star

giphy (1)
Life would have been a lot better if I had never flipped open the front cover of this book.

1.5 Stars

giphy (5)

Like maybe the protagonist of this book.

2 Stars

giphy (3)
In other words, not so fantastic.

2.5 Stars


Kind of bad, but not too bad.

3 Stars

giphy (2)

Blah di Bloo de…kinda whatever.

3.5 Stars

giphy (6).gif

Pretty good job – it made it past the half way point!

4 Stars

giphy (4)

It was very good.

4.5 Stars


Because I think it would taste pretty good.

5 stars


So good it makes me wanna dance.



I don’t tend to use half ratings in my reviews, but I just had too many great GIFs to use!

Do any of these match your reactions to rating books?


8 thoughts on “Rating Books with F.R.I.E.N.D.S Gifs

  1. Those are great!! 😂
    I love seeing people’s rating systems…I know mine took forever to make so I know a lot of thought goes into them. The kick-in-the-crotch fantastic reminds me of my three star reads…I’m trying to be excited but I feel like it’s the most sarcastic excitement I can muster. Lol!

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