National Poetry Month | On Making Inspiration

April was National Poetry month, and I set myself a poetry-writing challenge of writing a poem every day of the month. I was expecting to give up very early on, but I’m quite pleased that I made it to day 25. Okay, so I didn’t make it through the entire 30 days, but I nearly did – and given how much work I’ve got for Uni at the moment, that was quite an achievement for me!

At first, I found writing a whole poem every day quite challenging. Mostly because of a lack of inspiration. I tend to be an inspiration-writer – and write when I get flashes of inspiration, and so I was finding it hard to be creative when I wasn’t having one of those flashes. I think this is part of my problem when it comes to writing in general!

But as I got to about ten days in, I realised that I was finding this a little easier. Some days, I was even writing more than one poem. This was because I was starting to learn how to make my own inspiration, rather than simply receive it. Inspiration is something you take from the world; from people, from places, from other art, etc. Sometimes it comes in flashes, but sometimes it comes as the result of slow and careful thinking. When I realised that, I started finding my own inspiration, not only from how I was feeling that day, or things that had happened to me that day, but in pictures I saw, in music I was listening to, or even sometimes in my uni work. When you realise you can make inspiration from anything, writing becomes so much more accessible.

So although I didn’t quite complete the challenge, I feel that the 25 days I did achieve really helped me in a way that I wasn’t expecting.

I thought I would end this post by sharing one of the poems I wrote over those 25 days…



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