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When it comes to book-to-movie adaptations, we all know that both the brilliant and the head-in-hands terrible exist. Particularly when it comes to books you have read and loved! Having such a strong attachment to a book you read and loved can be a blessing and curse for the day the movie rights turn into a reality on our screens. Today I thought I’d share the instances where my love for a book equalled my love for the movie, with three of my favourite book-to-movie adaptations, along with my checklist of essentials when it comes to enjoying these movie adaptations during a movie night!

This post is brought alongside Pure Flix, who came up with the brilliant graphic below, and the idea of this movie night essentials checklist!

movie night
The Movies

1. The Great Gatsby (Baz Luhrman)

The Great Gatsby is my favourite classic of all time, and when I heard that Baz Luhrman, the director of some of my favourite films (Moulin Rouge, Australia, Strictly Ballroom, Romeo and Juliet – okay I know I’ve just listed all of them!) was adapting it again, I was so excited! It was on of those adaptations that could have turned into one of my favourite movies ever, or one of the biggest disappointments. Thankfully, it was the former! I loved everything about the adaptation, from the modern twist on the music, the gorgeous colours and costumes, to the top choice in actors. It may not be my choice for a feel good movie night in, but it is one of my top choices for top quality films.

2. Catching Fire

I don’t think I’m alone in thinking that Catching Fire was the peak of the Hunger Games storyline, and the best of both the books and the movies. It was full of action, we had already fell in love with the characters, the Games were exciting and scary, and secrets and plot twists were emerging all over the place. The film captured all of this so well, so much so that I don’t think I could tell you whether the book or the movie was my favourite! The setting of the games was designed and filmed so well, the actors were brilliant, and the special effects were so cool. For me, Catching Fire was where the Hunger Games was at!

3. The Princess Bride

Now this is the kind of feel-good cheesy movie I want for a fun movie night! This film is hilarious, a little dated and silly, but so much fun! It’s one of the films I would even go as far as to say was better than the book, (this is a rare claim for me to make!). So many of the jokes and sayings from this film are part of my in-jokes and catch-phrases with my sister…

“Hello, My name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die!”

“As you wish”

“Have fun storming the castle!”


The Essentials

1. Tea

If you don’t already know this fact about me, I LOVE tea (as in proper British tea!). Me and my housemate recently worked out that we had used about 1000 tea bags between us in the last 9 months! So it’s no surprise that if I’m going to be sitting still for a couple of hours to watch a movie, I will need at least one cup of tea!

2. Chocolate/Snacks

I will also need some form of snacks. If I’m doing a movie night right, that’s usually some form of chocolate, or occasionally popcorn (sweet and salted for the win!).

3. Cosy set-up

Nothing makes a movie night like a cosy set up. Especially in the dark winter evenings. The blankets and throws all come out, the fairy lights are turned on, the pyjamas and dressing gowns are worn…and I then wonder why I find it so difficult not to fall asleep! Isn’t that just inevitable during a movie night though?


Thanks again to Pure Flix for the wonderful graphic and blog post idea. They are also currently offering a free, one-month trial – you can check that out here. They offer a wide variety of family-friendly movies and there’s something for everyone!

Do you agree with my choices of book-to-movie adaptations? Do you have any movie night essentials? Let me know in the comments!


4 thoughts on “Favourite Book-To-Movie Adaptations + Movie Night Checklist | Pure Flix

  1. I haven’t seen the Great Gatsby yet but I probably should because I loved Moulin Rouge and Romeo and Juliet. I remember my husband and I liking Catching Fire more than the first film and we haven’t seen the Mockingjay films yet (I’m so behind, I know!). Love Princess Bride! That’s just an all around awesome classic! 🙂

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