BOOK REVIEW | Midnight (The Romany Outcasts #3) by Christi J. Whitney


Title: Midnight (The Romany Outcasts #3)

Author: Christi J. Whitney

Genre: Urban Fantasy, YA

Published: 25th May 2017

Publisher: Harper Voyager UK

Format: eBook

Rating:  5/5




“Her smile destroyed the shadows”


Sebastian Grey’s sole purpose is to be a guardian for secretive gypsy clans and to protect the girl he loves, Josephine Romany. But what happens when your guardian is the one in trouble?

When Kari Corsi is found dead in his trailer, all evidence points to him being killed by a shadow creature. This is a threat to the entire clan: frightened, rumours begin to spread among them, and Sebastian becomes the main suspect.

Josephine must risk everything to find the inner strength to save Sebastian and uncover the true killer. Then, and only then, can they be together. Can they prove that love is stronger than stone?


Finishing this beautiful and warm story was both joyful and sad; I did not want to let go of such a gorgeous and fantastical world.

Sebastian and Josephine continued to be such adorably lovable characters. This trilogy had me rooting for these two the entire way through, and it was beautiful to see their story concluded. Their characters continued to grow and learn more about themselves and each other; their decisions and actions showing what strong people they had become. I really appreciated that this book mostly follows the two characters separately, and allows them time to develop in their own ways. Although I did miss reading the two of them in shared scenes, the many flashbacks and memories were enough to satisfy me!

I also loved spending more time with the side characters in the story, particularly Katie. Watching her friendship with both Josephine and Sebastian blossom and continue to grow stronger was wonderful. Friendships are such an important part of any storyline, and I really appreciated how beautifully friendship was portrayed in this trilogy.

Midnight also upped the fantastical, with an even bigger emphasis on the Outcast society, the Sobrasi, and the history of the guardians and shadowen world. I loved finding out all of the new information in such a fascinating world!

The Romany Outcasts trilogy is a fantastic, unique, atmospheric series, full of beautiful (have I used this word too many times?) characters and friendships, and intriguing mythologies. Check out the links to my reviews for Grey (book one) and Shadow (book two) for more on my thoughts on the series as a whole, and go pick up this incredible YA trilogy to see where all of my praise is coming from for yourself!



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