how i edit my bookstagram photos.

If you’re a book blogger, you have most likely heard of the bookish corner of instagram: ‘bookstagram’. It’s a delightful part of the internet filled with pictures of books – what more could you want to surround your bookworm self with?

I started @readerinareverie on Instagram around the same time that I started this blog, and, although my photography skills are in every sense of the word, amateur, I have really enjoyed being part of that bookish community too.

One of my favourite things about bookstagram is looking at the different themes and filters people use to edit their photos. I’ve been using a similar method to edit my photos for a little while, but I’ve recently found an app with my new favourite filter, which is saving me so much time from manually editing my pictures. I’m not normally a fan of standard filters, but I absolutely love this one, and thought I’d share with you how I edit my photos. 


The first thing I do is choose my photo, and upload it onto Afterlight, a photo editing app that I love.

I then select my favourite filter ‘Kus’, which can be found in the Guest section of the filters. When you apply it, it makes the picture very heavily contrasted and dark, but luckily you can tone the filter down, and I put this down to around 50% (slightly higher or lower depending on what looks best for the particular picture). This gives the picture a saturation, contrast and shadow that I really like.

Next, I go to the textures, and choose the dusty option. This gives you so many dusty/flecked effects that make your pictures a little more vintage-looking.

And that’s it! So quick and simple! Occasionally, when uploading it onto Instagram, I might adjust the brightness if the picture is too dark, but most of the time, I don’t need to do any more editing!

And here’s the final edited picture…



Do you also have a bookstagram account? If so, let me know down below – I’d love to find some of you over on instagram too! Also let me know how you edit your photos too!


10 thoughts on “how i edit my bookstagram photos.

  1. My instagram handle is @spunkyreads. I am still exploring and struggling to keep up and find a theme which I can replicate and love. However, my fav apps are VSCO and Later. I use later for scheduling posts and post at the same time.

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