Whenever I find myself in town with a few minutes to spare, I’ll almost certainly find myself between multi-coloured spines, the scent of ink on new paper, and the display tables of new and classic titles alike. I’ll look down from the rustic wooden shelves to my watch: I can pass just a couple of minutes in this bookshop before I need to catch my bus. I won’t lose track of time, I’m not even buying anything!

If you’re book lover friend is anything like me, their thought patterns have digressed in an equally hopeful direction. They will also know that a watch is an essential in a bookshop!

I recently received the most stunning wooden watch from JORD Watches, and think it would make the perfect gift! Partly because its dark sandalwood strap and deep emerald green face match the old bookshop aesthetic perfectly, but also because a watch is an essential item when lost in the enchantment of a book shop.


jord watchJord Watch 2


JORD are also currently running a GIVEAWAY! You can win $100 off a wooden watch of your own, and you get 10% off just for entering! It’s a win-win if you’re thinking of getting one as a gift (for yourself or someone else!)

You can enter the competition HERE until 04/22/2018 at 11:59pm CST.


Reading is made so much more enjoyable when it becomes an activity rather than simply a time-passer. Having a cup of tea (or hot drink) whilst reading makes for a relaxing way to enjoy a book.


Candles are also a brilliant way of turning reading into a relaxing night in. Scented candles are great. Book-themed scented candles are even better! These candles can be found pretty much anywhere on the internet, especially on sites such as Etsy. There are also lots of specific book-themes ones – so you can get one linked to their favourite book!


Maybe this is the obvious answer, but it’s arguably one of the most difficult ones. If you really know your book lover, then you might be able to make an educated guess about the books they might like/don’t already have. Otherwise, it can be a tricky gift to buy. Here are my three suggestions for buying  a book lover a book.

  1. Buy them your favourite book – it makes a meaningful gift, and a way of sharing your love of books with them
  2. Ask them – it won’t be a surprise, but you will know the sorts of books they want
  3.  Buy them The Night Circus (it is amazing and I believe that everyone should read it!)


If you are really struggling on the book-buying front, then don’t rule out a gift card to a local bookshop. I am always so excited to receive a gift card – I’m always really touched that someone knows that I love books, but glad that I get to pick out the ones that I want!

I hope that some of these suggestions are helpful if you are looking for gift ideas for a book lover!

Don’t forget to enter the JORD watches competition for that 10% off and the chance to possibly win $100 off!

If you would like to purchase a beautiful wooden watch (for yourself or someone else), you can find all of the beautiful JORD Watches through the links below!

Shop Links:






Luxury Wooden Watch


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