Review Policy


My Rating System:

star (1)starstarstarstar
I really didn’t like the book.

star (1)star (1)starstarstar
I didn’t really like the book. But there were a few redeeming factors.

star (1)star (1)star (1)starstar
The book was good, but I had just a few problems with it.

star (1)star (1)star (1)star (1)star
I really liked the book.

star (1)star (1)star (1)star (1)star (1)
The book was perfection!

Review Requests

If you would like me to review a book, please contact me on my email at:

My preferred genres are fantasy and science fiction, however I also read historical, contemporary and literary fiction. I read books for any age group ranging from Young Adult to Adult fiction.

I don’t read paranormal (vampires, werewolves etc.) or horror.

If you simply have a request for a book you would like my views on, or a topic you wish me to discuss on this blog, you can also contact me on the above email.



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