how i edit my bookstagram photos.

If you’re a book blogger, you have most likely heard of the bookish corner of instagram: ‘bookstagram’. It’s a delightful part of the internet filled with pictures of books – what more could you want to surround your bookworm self with?

I started @readerinareverie on Instagram around the same time that I started this blog, and, although my photography skills are in every sense of the word, amateur, I have really enjoyed being part of that bookish community too.

One of my favourite things about bookstagram is looking at the different themes and filters people use to edit their photos. I’ve been using a similar method to edit my photos for a little while, but I’ve recently found an app with my new favourite filter, which is saving me so much time from manually editing my pictures. I’m not normally a fan of standard filters, but I absolutely love this one, and thought I’d share with you how I edit my photos.  Continue reading “how i edit my bookstagram photos.”


October, November & December Wrap-Up | 2016

I have been really bad at updating my reading wrap-ups over the last couple of months. This is mostly due to the lack of reading there has been to actually wrap up! Before the year is over though, I thought that it would be good to catch you up on what I have read, before my final end-of-year-wrap-up post!

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How to (kick)start your Bookstagram!


Want to make a bookstagram account, but not sure how to get started with your pictures?

Already have a bookstagram, but feeling a bit tired with your feed?

Well, guess which expert is here to help!
(Okay, I’m by no means an expert, but I’m going through a photo-posting frenzy at the moment, and am feeling quite inspired, so I can at least pretend!)

So here are ten of my Bookstagram tips and tricks – to get you taking more pictures, posting more regularly, feeling more creative and inspired, and boost up that follower count!6cbca6d9

Themes are a sort of general structure to your pictures, that makes your feed look more coordinated. This can be a certain place that you take your pictures in, a certain filter, brightness or contrast edit that you use throughout your pictures, similar props that feature – the list goes on. For me, I take the majority of my pictures on white bedsheets, turn the brightness and contrast right up, and almost always throw some flowers in! You don’t have to have a theme, (and of course you can change your theme whenever you’re feeling some new inspiration) but if you’re feeling a bit stuck on how to take your pictures, having a general structure can be quite helpful to keep you going!


Often, it’s difficult to find more books to take pictures of. You have your whole bookshelf staring at you, and you have no idea which you should photograph! Here are some fail-safe ideas…

Currently Reading: people love to know what you’re reading, and its a great way to spark some discussion in the comments section too!

TBR: If the book you’re currently reading is taking you forever to finish, you could post some pictures of the books you want to read next. It might also motivate you to finish the book you’re reading at the moment too!


Favourites: Favourite books, favourite covers, favourite spines – just find your favourites and snap away. I swear, The Night Circus has featured on my bookstagram feed so many times, and I still always find some new way to take a picture of it!


Book Haul: Show your followers your latest book purchases (or a library haul is equally good here!).

If you have recently posted on your blog, take a picture related to it, and use it as a way to direct people to your new post. If you’ve written a new review – take a picture of that book and let people know you have done a review. If you have posted a Wrap-up, post a picture of the books you read. Let your blog inspire your pictures too!

These are pretty much everywhere on Bookstagram. Every month, there will be plenty of new monthly book-photo challenges that other bookstagrammers have created. Use these to inspire you – and give you a push to post every day too. They take a bit of the thinking away, so you can focus on the picture, and not on what to take the picture of.

A #shelfie is indeed a thing – yes, a bookshelf selfie. People love to see pictures of other people’s bookshelves, and it can actually be really inspiring to see how other people arrange and decorate their shelves. I have found that some of my most ‘liked’ photos are those of my bookshelves. It also doesn’t take too much effort, and doesn’t create a big mess (as long as you keep your bookshelves tidy and organised so you can snap whenever you please!) And don’t worry if you don’t have bookshelves or own many books. Take a trip to your local bookshop or library and take some photos of their shelves. They don’t really need to be overly pretty. My most liked picture is a kind of grainy, haphazard, not particularly artistic or pretty, picture of one part of my shelves (the picture on the right here)…

Art, music, fashion, nail-art, sports, interior design, frogs…they can all be added to your bookish pictures to add a bit of your own personality to your photos. Just look at how many bookstgram photos feature funkopop figures (including moi!), fan-art that people have drawn, iPods etc. For me, it’s flowers. I’m obsessed with flowers, and also tea. Tea and/or flowers will appear in basically every picture of mine, because they add a bit more of my personality and touch into my pictures!


I don’t actually have a lot of bookish merchandise, but some people have loads! If you have your time-turner, wand, Ravenclaw scarf, mockingjay pin, or posters at the ready, get in some pictures of those alongside their respective books!

12980566_1195286793815397_463014642_n.jpgOther than my funkopop figures of bookish characters, I don’t have loads of merch

Sometimes it can be fun to take pictures of books based on their colour. Maybe you have a large stack of black books (basically, half of my book collection is black!) then get some together, find some black accessories, and take an all-black picture. You can do this with any colour. And at the other end of the spectrum, you can snap some rainbow books! Rainbow book stacks are really popular on bookstagram!

Whether it be a simple trip to a bookshop, or a visit to the Lord of the Rings set in New Zealand, people love to see pictures of your book-related outings – although if you have been to the latter, maybe don’t post pictures, because I will be insanely jealous! I’m joking.

Not really though.

My favourite bookish place is Shakespeare and Co. – the most beautiful bookshop in Paris!


Obviously the key use of hashtagging is to get your pictures out there, and to get more people to see them. But also, searching for hashtags yourself can open you up to lots of new pictures and accounts. Plenty of times I have found a picture that has inspired me to take one similar myself.
#bookstagram #yalit #bookblogger #instabooks #booknerd – are some of my favourites to search through. But you can also search for a specific book too, and see how people have pictured that particular cover in their photo. It’s all about the inspiration!


Thanks for reading!

I hope my ten Bookstagram tips have given you some ideas for your own account! If you have any top tips that you use for your own bookish picture-taking, please share them in the comments!