What We Know So Far | Throne of Glass TV Show

Empire of Storms was released a couple of days ago, and yesterday something equally exciting was released!

It seems like AGES ago that Throne of Glass was actually optioned for TV, but it seems that in the past few days, there have been a few more details released that make this adaptation even more likely!

  • First of all, a title for the TV series has been set as Queen of Shadows (the title of book 4 in the series).
  • Hulu is developing the show
  • Kira Snyder (The 100) is set to be writing the adaptation
  • Anna Foerster (Underworld: Blood Wars) is set to be directing the potential pilot

I’ll link the article that was posted yesterday, that I got this information from HERE!


It seems that this show may actually potentially be happening in the future!

What are your thoughts though? Are you happy for this series to make it onto your screens, or would you rather it remained on the pages of your books?

Personally, I’m REALLY excited to see how it could be adapted, but I’m trying to imagine it as something completely different. I just hope it’s going to be good!


August Wrap-Up | 2016

What a successful reading month I had in August. Can you guess how many books I read?

Don’t worry, I shall tell you…

Drum roll please…




That’s right, I read zero books in August.

I really have no excuses, other than work, being on holiday in Paris, and moving into my new house. I guess life just got too busy!

There’s nothing else much to say on the reading front, and just because I don’t want to finish the post on an embarrassing, negative note, I’ll tell you about what I watched instead…


Yes, the Netflix show that everyone seems to be talking about! And what an amazing show it is! I am not a fan of the creepy, scary things, but I LOVED Stranger Things. I watched the first three episodes, and thought I wasn’t going to carry on with it, because it was creeping me out a little, and I wasn’t overly enthusiastic about it enough yet to outweigh that. But the hype around this show kept playing on me! So I pushed through, and man am I glad that I did!

For those of you who don’t already know (what rock are you living under?) Stranger Things is the story of a boy who disappears, and the people on the search for him, and all of the super weird, creepy, supernatural revelations and reasons surrounding it. It’s slow to start, but about half way in it gets so intense that you just can’t stop watching it!

And it’s only 8 episodes, which means you don’t have to dedicate as much time (which I guess could also be a downside!).

If I were to rate it as I rate books, I would probably give it a 4.5/5 – only because it took me a few episodes to fully get into it.


I have also been watching a bit of the Big Bang Theory. I only started watching BBT a couple of months ago (I know, I am soooooo behind!) and I’ve really been enjoying watching an odd episode whilst doing other things. (I sound like I’m some sort of professional multi-tasker here, but I’m seriously not!!!)

So that’s my fail of a reading wrap up for August! Here’s hoping for a much better month of reading during September (even though so far the total is still zero!).


Hopefully you guys did much better than me! How much did you read? What was your favourite? And has anyone else watched and loved Stranger Things?

Throne of Glass – Optioned for TV!!??

Yes, you heard me right.

The Throne of Glass series (AKA one of my absolute all-time favourite series on the planet) has been optioned for television!


This is such exciting news, and well deserved for Sarah J. Maas.

If it really does progress far enough to be made into a TV show (it seriously better do now that the entire ToG fandom has been been offered a huge chocolate hazelnut cake that is dangling within their reach), there will be so many nervous and excited fans.

There has got to be the right cast, the right setting, the right plot… it’s scary stuff guys!


So for a bit of fun, I thought I would include some of my fan cast for the Throne of Glass series…

Celaena Sardothian / Aelin Galathynius – Cara Delevingnetumblr_inline_njwcsz54Hs1ro6fac

Dorian Havilliard – Douglas Boothdouglas-booth-photo-130

Chaol Westfall – Luke MitchellLuke-Mitchell-e1423188043191-679x350

Aedion Ashryver – Travis Fimmeltravis fimmel

Rowan Whitethorn – Orlando Bloomb8a6dcabefd6b237_orlandobloom.xxxlarge_2

How is everyone feeling about this news? And do you agree with my fan cast, or do you have other views on who should play these characters?

Read This, Watch This – Book Tag

Thanks to Bianca @ The Ultimate Fangirl for tagging me to do the Read This, Watch This book tag!

1) Create 5 book – TV/movie pairings
2) Tag your favourite bloggers/booktubers

1. If you have read…

You should watch…


I couldn’t do this tag without including this film (in case you didn’t know it’s my favourite!). I would recommend this to fans of 1920’s literature and authors such as F. Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway (both of which are characters in this movie). It has the charm of the Great Gatsby, with the 1920’s costume, music and art, but is also much more light-hearted, funny and heart-warming.

2. If you have read…


You should watch…

3211813-936full-x-men-the-last-stand-posterX-men-1-affiche-vestesdelegende.com_images (1)

I don’t think I need to explain what the X-Men films are about. In fact, this is probably more of an ‘if you’ve watched this, you should read this’ recommendation. Vicious has many comparisons to X-Men, the biggest being the Extra-Ordinary abilities. There is also your Xavier-Magneto-type duo, but with a much more complex and blurred relationship, and with more questionable motives and actions.

3. If you have read…


You should watch…


Do you like your dystopian and sci-fi movies with lots of adventure, an escape plan, a dash of romance, and just the right amount of creepy (just like The Maze Runner)? Then this is the movie for you! The Island is all of these things, following an isolated high-tech compound, where two characters make some unsettling discoveries, and stage a daring run for answers and, ultimately, freedom. Sound much like the Maze Runner trilogy? This film is very much like a grown-ups version of the Maze Runner.

4. If you have read…

the winners curse

You should watch…


Okay, you’re probably wondering how on earth these two things are connected. Well, while reading The Winner’s Curse, I couldn’t help but compare it to Sherlock, because of the main character: Kestrel. Her thought processes, knowledge, and cunning and clever calculation were so much like Sherlock’s. Her coldness at emotional situations, and the way she worked through certain mysteries and characters’ secrets in her mind reminded me of our modern-day Sherlock.

5. If you have read…


You should watch…


In fact, if you like fairytale re-tellings in general, and still haven’t watched Once Upon A Time, you should really give it a try! It blends many fairy tales, winding them together and putting characters from different tales in the same situations – much like the Lunar Chronicles. It doesn’t have the sci-fi, futuristic feel of The Lunar Chronicles, but if you like re-tellings, new takes on old tales, and fun characters, this is a great TV show to try!

I tag…

Sara @ freadom library

Anna @ My Bookish Dream

Varsh @ WordsAreMagicGalore

Dee @ the bookish khaleesi

I can’t wait to see what book – TV/movie pairings you choose!