National Poetry Month | On Making Inspiration

April was National Poetry month, and I set myself a challenge of writing a poem every day of the month. I was expecting to give up quite early on, but I made it to day 25!? Okay, so I didn’t make it through the entire 30 days, but I nearly did – so I’m counting it as an achievement. I clearly have very high expectations of myself.
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February & March Wrap-Up | 2017

I’ve been posting reading wrap-ups every month for over a year now, and I somehow managed to forget about it last month! I suppose it’s not completely awful, given that I only managed to read two books in both February and March, bringing me to a total of four books, which is much more content to write about in one blog post!

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January Wrap-up | 2017

The first month of 2017 is finished, and with it, has come the start of a new semester, plenty of uni reading, and not a whole lot of free time! I still managed to read a few books, although most on this list have been read for my uni course.

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Reading Year in Review | 2016

2016 was the first year in which I set myself a goodreads challenge. I was feeling quite optimistic about it, despite having only finished 33 books in 2015. So I set myself a challenge of 50 books for the year, which has been a manageable number for me in previous years. I’ll say from the outset: I did not achieve this goal. I failed to counter in just what a busy and hectic year 2016 would be. So I’m not as upset with myself as I was this time last year, because I know that I have had an amazing year, and that reading just couldn’t take priority to some of these things.

But, just as I did in 2015, I am doing another Reading Year in Review, where I analyse the books that I have read in the year, in a little more depth! I’ve also added another couple of categories to talk about in this year’s edition!

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October, November & December Wrap-Up | 2016

I have been really bad at updating my reading wrap-ups over the last couple of months. This is mostly due to the lack of reading there has been to actually wrap up! Before the year is over though, I thought that it would be good to catch you up on what I have read, before my final end-of-year-wrap-up post!

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September Wrap-Up | 2016

Well, I can safely say that I read more than last month…that is, more than zero books!

I know, what an achievement, right!?

I mean, not a whole lot of books were read, and I’m now quite far behind on my reading challenge, but I still have hope that I will catch up in the last three months of the year (only three months left of 2016!!!???).

So in the month of September, I read…

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Wrap-Up | July 2016

I wanted to read four books this month, and I read four *cue polite round of applause…from myself*. It may not have been the four I had planned, but I’m still counting it as a success!!


13933196_1275473765796699_1050536899_nIsla and the Happily Ever After by Stephanie Perkins
Rating: 3/5
I really enjoyed this book, and it made me very happy and smiley. Stephanie Perkins is just an amazing ‘happy book’ writer. I had a few issues with the storyline and some of the themes, but overall I enjoyed it, and really enjoyed Isla and Josh as individual characters (even if I didn’t buy them together!).



13874867_1275473779130031_1465228130_nJust One Year (Just One Day #2) by Gayle Forman
Rating: 3/5
I still haven’t collected my thoughts enough on this book to write a decent review. On the one hand, I completely loved the writing, themes and travelling in this story, but on the other hand I STILL didn’t like Willem, I felt it was a bit too slow, and I did have to really push myself through the last half of the book. I will definitely be reading Just One Night though, because if there’s anything worse than a cliffhanger, it’s a double cliff-hanger (which these two books very kindly gave us!).


13871727_1272360739441335_1664600771_nGathering Darkness (Falling Kingdoms #3) by Morgan Rhodes
Rating: 5/5
Spoiler Discussion
This is my favourite of the series so far! I absolutely loved the twists and turns of the plot, and fell in love with some of the characters even more (hint hint: Magnus). I feel like I’m getting slightly more engrossed in this series with each book! Thankfully I already have Frozen Tides in my possession, so I think I know the first book I will be reading in August!


13874660_1275473792463363_799182924_nHarry Potter and the Cursed Child by J.K. Rowling, John Tiffany & Jack Thorne
Rating: 5/5
Firstly I do have to say: I can understand why people might have been dissappointed with this story. Now that I’ve had time to reflect on it, I do realise that nostalgia, and my blinding love for everything Harry Potter probably made me enjoy this book immensely more than I may have otherwise. But I don’t really care, because I did love it, and I did really enjoy it – whatever the reason! The story in itself is just so cool because it’s our favourite characters, and also really well-thought-out new ones. It has just made me way more desperate to see the actual play though!


I also still have two books on the go…
– The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon (yep, that one I started back in April!)
– Summer Days and Summer Nights (I managed to read about four or five of the stories, so I nearly made it half way through, but I just wasn’t really enjoying it, so I’m not sure whether I will be carrying on, or just picking odd stories to read when I’m in the mood, like I did with ‘My True Love Gave to Me’).

How was your July reading? What were some of your favourites of the month? Anyone else already read Harry Potter and the Cursed Child – what did you think?